Adult Greek Language Classes

Adult Greek Language Classes

Whether you want to communicate with friends and family, visit Greece or simply explore the rich Greek culture, the Greek School of Leeds can help you learn modern Greek in a friendly and relaxed environment!

Why learn Greek?

Learning any foreign language is an asset for life, but there are many additional benefits to learning Greek. By learning Greek, you will:

  • Exercise your brain by learning a language of great plasticity and harmony and a different alphabet
  • Understand English better – over 20% of the English vocabulary is of Greek origin
  • Learn the language of the democracy, philosophy and the Bible
  • Gain insights into the rich Greek history, literature and culture
  • Communicate with native speakers when travelling to Greece and Cyprus
  • Communicate with Greek friends and relatives

Our classes

Our classes are small and designed to help adults understand and communicate in Greek. They are run by experienced teachers in modern classroom facilities at our newly refurbished Greek school in Chapeltown, Leeds. Our courses are enjoyable, carefully designed to meet our students’ needs and supported by online resources. Our students are also offered the unique opportunity to experience the Greek culture by participating in the Greek Community’s cultural events and mix with Greek-speaking members of the Community!

We currently run the following classes:

  • Beginners class on Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Pre-intermediate/ intermediate class on Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Greek school of Leeds, 31 Avenue Crescent, Leeds, LS8 4HD

For more information on our adult Greek courses and how to register please contact: