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Τσικνοπέμπτη (Smoky Thursday) 16 February 2017

Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday)  - Just before Carnival, we are organising an event with plenty and good food, Greek music, dance and drinks at good prices.
When:  Thursday 16th of February 2017
Menu: Mixed grill, roasted potatoes and salad. Vegetarian menu (halloumi) upon request in advance.

Please arrange for your booking in advance. You can purchase your tickets in advance to help you on the day and avoid delays.


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Petition For the Greek Language A-Level Exams

Dear Parents and Friends of the Greek School


We are taking part in a campaign to persuade the UK Exam Board, EDEXCEL to reverse its decision to stop the Greek GCE A Level exam from 2017, whereas this exam will still be available in other European languages. This campaign is organised by the Unified Forum for the Greek Education in the United Kingdom (Ε.Φ.Ε.Π.Ε.), the Embassy of Greece and Cyprus High Commission in the UK, and other important organisations of the Greek Community in the UK.

We urge all our parents, community members and friends of the Greek Language to sign the petition to keep these important Greek Exams.

You can sign it online or on printed paper, which is available in our Community Hall, church and school. We are sure that with appropriate political pressure (which has already started) and massive support from our community and other Greek Communities in the UK and worldwide, the initial decision by Edexcel to abolish the Greek A Level Exams can be reversed.

So, please help and sign the petition by clicking on the link below


Please spread the word and share this link with your contacts and friends.

Barry Paschali - Greek School Committee Chairman
Maria Karageorgi - Headteacher

Anniversary of the 25 March and 1 April

The Celebrations of 25th March 1821 and 1st April 1955 in Leeds

Under the general title “1821 continues to teach and inspire us,” the Greek Orthodox Community of Leeds commemorated the National Anniversary of 25th March 1821 and 1st April 1955. The events took place on Sunday 22 March in the Community premises and its protagonists were the students of the Greek School.

The festivities started with the Doxology for the anniversary and the school parade of the pupils, many of whom were dressed in traditional costumes. After the end of the Doxology, the Headteacher of the Greek School, Mrs. Maria Karagiorgi, delivered the panegyric speech, emphasising that “both in 1821 and 1955 a handful of Greeks repelled the occupiers and gave the next generations a free country”. Mrs. Karagiorgi, also invited all the children to learn, remember and emulate our heroes as role models.

The festivities continued in the Community Centre Hall, which was adorned with Greek and Cypriot flags, where the School Committee wined and dined all the attendees. Then, the president of the School Community, Mr. Paris Paschalis, gave a short speech and the festivities peaked with the exquisite performances of the students on stage. The children managed to excite the audience with their enthusiasm singing several songs such as “It was the 1st of April” and “40 Palikaria”, they recited poems referring to “Krifo Scholio” (Secret School) as well as our heroes and they also presented sketches regarding The Oath of Filiki Eteria and the Annunciation of the Theotokos. The show ended with traditional dances, during which our children invited the attendees to join in and were applauded a number of times.

It is also worth noting that during the festivities the contribution and work of the honorary president of the School Committee, Dr. Chr. Varnavidi, was particularly mentioned and he was appraisingly given a commemorative album with photos of the students’ performances and activities.