The Curriculum

The Curriculum

Our curriculum encompasses Greek language tuition for Greek and English-speaking pupils, Greek mythology, history and geography, exam preparation, catechism, traditional singing and dancing on Saturdays, participation in national days and school events and many enjoyable cultural activities!

Hellenic (Greek) Language

Greek language is taught according to ability. The use of English progressively diminishes, being replaced by Greek, which is used almost exclusively in the final two classes. Writing in Greek is achieved by playing with sounds and symbols of the Greek letters in the early classes to writing letters and essays in the final classes.

Materials in both oral and written forms are used in progressive complexity. These include myths, folk tales, literature and poetry, stories from all strands of life, history, geography, religion, beliefs and traditions.


Throughout the school years, our pupils will learn Greek history through a journey, from the ancient years to the modern history of Greece and Cyprus. From the Ottoman Occupation to the long heroic struggle of the Greek nation for liberation, independence and national integration. A struggle, which is still going on, as Northern Cyprus is still under occupation for example.


Our pupils will learn about Greek mythology. These stories about gods and heroes such as Hercules, Theseus, Perseus and Jason, have inspired for thousands of years the creation of great plays, dramas, paintings, and sculptures and offer valuable life lessons.

Geography, Traditions, Culture and Dance

Pupils will learn about their own special countries, Hellas (Greece) and Cyprus. They will learn about the people living there, in the past and present. For example, how they live and the local characteristics of their traditions, beliefs and customs – all of which contributes to our national identity.

Traditional Greek songs and dances are taught by our singing and dance teachers (when available) who also inform pupils on the origins and the meaning of the songs and dances.

Christian Greek Orthodox Religion

As part of the School curriculum a special church service is held for the children as well as catechism.